How It Works

KidDrop works on credits. When you register with us, your accont will be reviewed and once approved, you will get credits in your account. On evey job you create, you will spend some credits and once the job is done and confirmed by you the applicant will receive credits.

Do a job for someone to earn credits and create your own job.

You can also buy credits if you do not wish to do a job or you are unable to earn credits for any reason.

All your timings for each community for PickUp and DropOff and look for same or alternate timings to manage your jobs.

Skype call with people who are confirmed for your job.

  • 1 Create a profile

    Create a profile and add your child informaton with school (community)

  • 2 Create jobs PickUp/DropOff

    Create jobs for PickUp and DropOff for same community members.

  • 3 Create BabySitting jobs

    Create BabySitting jobs for your child and add more child to it for a specific job.

  • 4 Parents

    Parents from same community can apply and work on your behalf.

  • 5 Review & Rating

    Write a Review and Rate Parents

*For any query please write to