About Us

KidDrop is a unique community-based platform that connects busy parents and carers to share the load of dropping off and picking up their children to and from nursery, pre-school and school. This share system operates on the basis of exchangeable e-credits that users “earn” and “spend” by helping and being helped by other parents. There is also an option of choosing to leave your child at another child’s parents’ house before and after school/nursery in exchange.

Having two young kids myself, I personally found it very challenging to get to know other parents at my son’s former pre-school and form any meaningful relationships with them in order to be able to exchange dropping off and picking up favours. This was a great shame as with a tiny daughter who needed naps at the time my son needed to be taken to his pre-school, help of a parent who lived nearby would have been helpful and I could have returned the favour by picking up their child along with my son.